Why their will never be a black president.

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Why their will never be a Black President

A black president is not very likely in the present or near future. This is due several different reasons that can be seen very clearly in the society we live in today. The past that African Americans have endured does not give them the hope that something of this magnitude can ever come to them. Despite what happened in the past, even in the present there is a lot of separation between the races. Blacks are not given the proper respect or opportunities as other races. There would also a tremendous amount of fear for the African American who would take office as president. Given these obvious facts their will never be a black president in the United States.

In the past African Americans have been mistreated every since they were enslaved and transported to America. They were taken from their homes and brought to a foreign land, and made in to slaves for hundreds of years.

Then they had to fight in a war so that was not theirs for freedom that never came in their eyes. Blacks have been looked down upon by the white race for many years. They were considered not equal to the white race. Separated in every way just because of the color of skin they had, and these are the same race of people that will take America's highest position. Never will this happen segregation in some ways was less than fifty years ago. Many white Americans still do not believe that blacks are equal to them. The society we live in today has covered up or lessened the visibility of this fact. America is based on the term our four fathers, four white men, how they molded this country into a great land.