Why people watch scary movie?

Essay by nithin November 2003

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I can honestly say that Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho is a good horror movie because makes your heart pound deeply, hands sweat profusely and eyes close forcefully. It is one of the best horror movies ever, and is especially well known for the famous shower scene. What is it that makes a movie such a hit even forty years later? Psycho is a movie that makes us feel like we are riding on a roller coaster, and it helps us confront our fears.

The movie starts with the scene in the hotel room where a young woman, Marion, is having an affair with her lover, Sam, during her lunch break. When she returns back to work, she steals forty thousand dollars, which her boss has asked her to deposit in the bank. She then escapes and stays for the night in an empty motel that is run by Norman Bates, who claims to have a sick and bad tempered old mother who lives with him in the house next to the motel.

While Marion is taking a shower, Norman's mother appears and stabs her to death. When Norman finds Marion dead, he can't believe his eyes. He quickly cleans up the motel room, puts Marion's corpse in her car, and pushes the car into the pond where it sinks out of sight.

At the same time Marion's sister Leila, Sam and a detective have started to look for her. The detective visits the motel, talks to Norman, who seems little nervous, and asks for permission to interview his mother. After Norman forbids him to do that, the detective calls Leila and Sam to let them know where he is. Then he goes to the house to meet the old woman who kills him on the way upstairs. When Leila and Sam...