Whose deformity is more serious. Speaks of Flannery O' Connor's noted religious work Wise Blood

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Whose Deformity is the Most Serious

Flannery O' Connor's noted religious work Wise Blood is the tale of the perplexing and

trying theological journey of one of its principal characters, Hazel Motes, and the constant

struggles of another chief personality, Enoch Emery, to gain acceptance into the local social

structure. The theme of physical and mental disfigurements in its main characters is utilized to

create an interesting plot. Despite the fact that Hazel's malformations are far more serious than

Enoch's, both characters posses significant deformities in their outer appearance and emotional

stability. Enoch's disfigurements are critical due to their unorthodox and child-like nature, but

Hazel's are greater in number and more relative to his existence.

Enoch Emery's emotional severe mental disfigurements lead to his rather odd physical

deformities. Enoch is driven by two distinct elements: his instincts and his desire to be accepted

into civilization. These two factors attribute most to his defects.

His intuition causes him to

believe that his blood is wise and can lead his life. By bestowing his trust in his blood, he often

takes things too literally. For instance, Hazel Motes preaches that his religion desperately needs

a new Jesus, and Enoch, perceiving this Jesus to be an actual being, follows his instincts and

brings Hazel a three-foot shrunken man whom he honestly believes to be the savior. Before

actually donating the messiah to Hazel, Enoch's blood directs him to clean his room in order to

house Jesus. This particular misconception may cause many readers to regard Enoch as rather

insane, but his actions but his most prominent deformity is his admiration for and eventual

metamorphoses into a gorilla. Consequently, his attraction to the gorilla stems directly from his

aspiration to be received in a welcoming manner by society. He sees an...