"White fang" by Jack London

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A. Thesis

B. Introduction

II. The Call of the Wild

A. Characters

1. Buck

2. John Throton

3. A scotch half-breed

B. Plot

III.White Fang

A. Characters

1. White Fang

2. Mit-sah and Grey Beaver

3. Weedon Scott

B. Plot

IV. Similarities

A. Opposite Plots

B. Man vs. Human

V. Conclusionof Jack London's most famous stories were The Call of

the Wild and White Fang. Though they are completely unrelated

stories they have many similarities that I found unique. Along

with many similarities in the plot there were many similarities

in the characters, human and animal, which make these two stories

the topic of this paper. 'Jack London was both an outdoors-man

and a writer and that combination was what made his novels so

realistic.'(Walcutt 124). Jack London born on January 12, 1876

finished his second novel, The Call of the Wild, in 1904 that was

his most famous novel.

Two years later he finished another of his

most famous novels White Fang. His inspiration for these novels

came from the time he spent up in the Klondike that became the

basis for these two novels. Till the day of his death, from a

long battle with throat cancer, these were the two most famous

novels he had written.

The Call of the Wild was Jack London's most famous

novel,'This is the novel that separated London from all writers

of that era.'(Brooks 35) Written in 1904 it was a story about a

dog who was brought into Klondike to pull sleds during the gold

rush. The name Call of the Wild comes from the natural instinct

that animals have to be free in nature. The main characters in

this story are Buck the four- year-old half Saint Bernard and

half-Scottish shepherd,