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One of the most important dates in any girl's life is her wedding day. It is a time that she fantasizes about for years, planning every little detail in her head over and over again until it is completely memorized. However, when the actual wedding is about to be planned, she realizes that there is so much more that she never thought of preparing for. This was the case for me, and I will use my own experiences for my wedding to try to explain in detail what preparations must be done to make this magical day happen.

Setting the date of the wedding is perhaps the first and one of the most important preparations. The bride and the groom must first agree on a date which they are usually most comfortable with. However, they should also consider a good time for the guests so that most of the invitees can show up to the wedding.

Setting the day around an extended holiday like Spring Break or sometime during the summer is usually good since most people are off from work at those times. Also, the reason that many people do not make it to weddings is due to their children's school, and that is the reason why holidays are the best choice for planning the day of the wedding. Furthermore, setting the day of the wedding during the weekend would also be a plus since it allows for the guests who happen to work during those holiday times to be able to come. Also, there is much less traffic during the weekends which means that the guests will be able to arrive on time.

Setting the location of the wedding is another important factor to consider. If the formal and informal ceremonies are to be at different locations, the...