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Recently, the World Wide Web(WWW) has become an indispensable tool for a rapidly increasing number of people. Some use it for entertainment, while others get their news or do their shopping. In addition, many use the WWW's vast resources on a variety of academic and scientific fields. Similarly to the Internet, the WWW is home to a great amount of information. But in contrast to the Internet, which only has text capabilities, the WWW can easily be used for the playing and viewing of sound and video files.

The WWW project was started in 1992 by Tim Berners-Lee, while he was working at CERN( the European Laboratory for Particle Physics). The idea behind it was to build a global system of interconnected computers brought together by modems, direct connections and satellite links. This would create a web of computers hence, the World Wide Web. The owners of these computers have the option to create pages, that could be accessed from anywhere, by using the language HTML(hypertext markup language).

Similar documents are linked by a variety of hyperlinks, meaning, a word or phrase in a web page that links that web page to others of similar content. It is similar to a footnote but the access is instant. To jump from one hyperlink to the corresponding page you would have to click on that hyperlink, and would be sent automatically to that new page. The web pages are stored all over the world, on various computers called servers. To access a server you must have the necessary address usually in the form of http://www... All of this data is carried over phone lines, fiber optic lines and satellite links, forming what is now known as the information highway. Unfortunately, the ever increasing content of web pages, and users,