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The events in the book, 'War In The Gulf', took place in the 1990s.

The place was the Middle East, specifically, Iraq and Kuwait. Before the

time of the Persian Gulf War, the Middle East was a place riddled with

sensless violence. Holy Wars took place every couple of years. After the

Iran-Iraq war, Iraq became the undisputed power of the Middle East. After

the time of the Persian Gulf War, Iraq was a beaten country. Their cities lie

in ruin an their people demoralized. Recently, Iraq, after being bored with

having no one to pick on, went to attacking the Kurds in northern Iraq as

they have for many years before.


Since this is a non-fiction book, there were not really any characters.

Although, there were some people that were mentioned numerous times

throughout the book. The first, of course, would be Saddam Hussein.

Saddam is a ruthless figure who loves to pick on nations that are smaller than

his own.

He was responsible not only for the supression of Kuwait, but also

for many injustices against the Kurds, Iranians, and Israelies. The next

would be President George Bush. He was responsible for signing the

declaration of war and for numerous decisions throughout the war. The last

would be General Norman Schwarzkopf. He was the hero of the war.


The book, 'War In The Gulf', starts out with a brief account of the

events that transpired in the Middle East before the time of the Persian Gulf

War. After WWI, the remnants of the Ottoman Empire were split into what

is now Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Turkey, and Palestine (which would soon

become Israel after WWII). Not long after, these new Arab nations would

start to fight amoungst each other. One of the most massive...