The War of 1812

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The War of 1812

The war of 1812 accomplished pretty much nothing. Everything that was being fought over had pretty much been settled already. However, there were several key battles fought in the war. Three of the most important battles fought by the United States during the war of 1812 were; the battle of Tippecanoe, the battle of Baltimore, and the battle of New Orleans.

To start with, the battle of Tippecanoe was a very important battle in the war of 1812. It was the battle that pretty much started everything. It was fought in the west in 1811. Tecumseh and his brother the Prophet were gathering Indian tribes together in order to go against the United States with a big force. The Indian Confederacy made their capitol a village known as Prophet's Town, which used to be Tippecanoe. General William Henry Harrison organized an army of 1,000 men in 1811 with the purpose of driving the Indians out of the land.

Tecumseh was on a southern recruitment drive at the time.

Harrison and the Prophet's representatives had a meeting upon the arrival of Harrison and his army, during which it was agreed that there would be no fighting until another meeting could be held another day. Harrison's army camped about one mile away from Tippecanoe. The army was told to sleep with their clothes on and to be ready to fight. Although Tecumseh had told his brother not to attack, the Prophet had the Indians attack just before daybreak. The inexperienced army fought off the determined Indians. A total of sixty-two soldiers died. Between twenty-five and sixty Indians died. Angered at the Prophet, some of the warriors threatened to kill him. Harrison expected Tecumseh to show up soon with a large band of Indians so no one...