Vitamin C content in Orange juices.

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Did you know? Vitamin C Saved 250,000 - 621,000 Lives (USA) in year 1999

Aim; My aim is to find the product richest in Vitamin C out of the following;

*Plunge Vitamin Water - 375 mL

*Mr Juicy - 2 litre

*Golden Circle Fizzy Orange - 1.5 litre

*Fruitopia - 250 mL

*Daily Juice - 1 Litre

*Orange Juice

Hypothesis; I think that the plain orange juice will be high in Vitamin C, but I think that the Fruitopia will be the highest. I think the 'Plunge' Vitamin water will be low in Vitamin C, and the water even lower. I think the Mr. Juicy and the Daily Juice will be in the middle of all the others, and the Golden Circle at the end near the Plunge Vitamin water and the water.

Lowest Highest

WaterPlungeGolden CircleMr. JuicyFruitopia Orange

Daily Juice Juice

(Highest as in highest in Vitamin C and lowest as in Lowest in Vitamin C)

Method; I used an experiment I found on the internet to conduct this experiment, it is as follows:

(Steps 1 - 4 describes how to make the indicator solution)

Step 1; Mix one tablespoon of cornstarch with enough water to make a paste.

Step 2; To this paste, add 250 mL of water and boil for 5 minutes.

Step 3; Add ten drops of the starch solution to 75 mL of water.

Step 4; Add enough iodine to produce a dark-purple colour.

Step 5; Put 5 mL of the indicator solution in a 15 mL test tube.

Step 6; To the test tube, add 10 drops of the juice.

The lighter the purple, the higher the Vitamin C content.

Results; I conducted the experiment (explained above), and found that;

*The Fruitopia claims to contain less Vitamin C than Mr. Juicy and Daily...