Is violence innate of is it learned.

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Genetically inherited or Innate?

Genetically inherited or environmentally learned? This question has been asked dating back to the eighteenth century. Is human aggression genetically linked or is it the environment that determines our aggressive nature. Both ideas will be conversed in the following essay. Violence in today's culture can be learned in many diverse ways ranging from Television shows to psychological reasons, but on the other hand humans can as well be born violent from scientific factors such as genes.

The famous psychologist once stated that, "humans are not loving creatures rather they are creatures who wish to engage in violence and tend to be violent from birth (Donahue 29). Freud is absolutely correct because he states humans tend be violent from birth. One reason to support this point would be in the category of family violence. A theory is that violent behavior is passed down from generation to generation-through families.

(Cole 2). This is very important it points innate violence to violence in the family from past generations. The violent behavior is passed down and this causes the newborn babies to develop violence from birth from their ancestors. Also some Scientists, such as Dubos, have looked to the past attempting to explain the present human state by using our so-called "violent history" as a basis for their claims. These scientists look to the past and conclude that man has killed in all forms throughout history and this is a main reason why violence is innate (Storr 17). Throughout history there have been many violent dictators such as Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini. It makes sense to say that these dictators must have been born violent if they were able to kill millions and millions of people. Also it is clear to say that all of the Nazi members that participated...