Vickings and their beliefs.

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Ancient Warriors

"Barbarian Forces"

The Vikings

In 793, Marauders from the north shattered the peace, having crossed the sea to England. Freighted people saw dragons and serpents flying through the air. Haggens in search of treasure surprised the little monastery of Lindesfarm in Christian Europe. The blackest age was about to strike.

Most daring of all, the Vikings are believed are to have crossed the Atlantic predating Columbus by 500 years. In the 8th century they were about to change history. Scandinavians developed the craft of boat building and the Vikings were unrivaled boat builders. The men of the inlet were proud of their ships and gave them such names as Long Serpent and Raven Of The Wind. **

They killed people, destroyed churches and for 300 years made all of Europe tremble. The Vikings developed a reputation being called the greatest sailors of their day and the fiercest warriors known to have an awful crew aboard.

** Their war ships were 60ft-120ft long. The keel was carved from a single oak. It had a broad haul and a shallow draft. Such ships penetrated far up river and beached anywhere. Water usually a barrier that kept enemies at bay was a highway to envision. Overlapping planks of oak or pine were nailed to the haul covered with tarred animal hair to make the ships waterproof. They could make 10 knots under sail. Against them other ships had no defense. Indeed the people saw flying serpents- they carved animal heads and dragons on the end of their boats.

No one enjoyed the Vikings; however poets embellished them. The Vikings went to Europe, Sweden and Demark to trade in new lands and plunder. At this time Norway fled to Iceland to afraid of the Vikings to stay. The haggens went seal...