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The Civil War is revered by many as being the worst war in the history of the world. However, many state that it was a war that was bound to happen because of the growing tension in the United States. Nevertheless, it was a war full of fantastic strategy, courageous fighting, and critical battles.

If one were to judge the victor of the Civil War based on numbers and supplies, he would be certain to proclaim the north victorious. The north's adventage in manpower was evident, however the confederate's strategy seemed more efficient. After the initial battle at Bull Run, the north was morally crushed, getting demolished by a smaller southern force. Therefore, it was crucial that the Union come up with a new, better, more successfull gameplan.

Throughout the war, the Union gameplan consisted on making the South as week as possible through the cutting off of supplies--whether through Shermans burning or a Naval blockade.

Also the Union stuck to strategies that incorporated movement through rivers and attacks on the capital. The new Union gameplan was a creation of General George McClellan. It was to call for a three pronged attack which was to begin with a penetration into Virginia to take the capital, Richmond. The second, 'prong' was for the Union troops to secure Kentucky and Tennesse, therefore opening Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia for capture. If the troops were to do this, they would split the southern army in half, making them vulnerable. The final piece of the puzzle was for the Union Navy to cut off the Mississippi River and all other southern ports. This was done in order to stop importing of all foreign goods into the south.

The first stage of the strategy was to be carried out by McClellan himself. He took his...