Unit PA1: Contribute to positive play.

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Unit PA1 Contribute to positive play


Task 1:

Case Study 1:

To begin I would reassure Sopna that the activity does not need her to take off her scarf. Sopna could if she wanted do the following:

ØMake the hat and take it home where she may feel more comfortable wearing it

Ø Make the hat and wear it ontop of the scarf

ØMake the hat as a gift for a family member or friend

The only pre-requisite of the activity was the willingness to take part in the activity.

Case Study 2:

I would persuade the boys not to discriminate against the girls and explain to them that the possibility of the girls joining the practice sessions would only be a short term solution, until I was able to organise practice sessions for girls.

I would also remind the boys that the girls would only be taking part in practice sessions and not be taking part in the football league.

I would also try and find a long-term solution with the prospects of a girls football league, even if it means networking with other play/venture centers to make this a reality.

Case Study 3:

Firstly I would welcome Julian make him feel comfortable, ask him what's the matter, if anything is bothering him, so he can share his problems with him hence alleviating some of the pressure he might be carrying. A problem shared is a problem halved.

Then I would explain to Julian that other children find it inappropriate for him to walk around with cloths of the opposite after each time he comes in to the centre, but not worry because I'll try sort it all out.

I will then go to the other children that were taunting him and tell them off and it continues...