Tupac Shakur.

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Tupac Shakur is considered to be one of the best rappers to ever live. Why? Because him music is controversial, meaningful and most of all straight from his heart. Most people don't care to look past his "thug" image and his non-stop bad mouth but if they did they would discover this artist had more to say. So before you judge him, be aware of this man's remarkable life, lets start from the begging.

Tupac's rough life started before he was even born. His mother didn't tell him anything about his dad, when he was little he would ask "why don't I have a daddy" and she told him she didn't know who he was. Tupac thought his father was dead his whole life. After he was shot, and woke up at the hospital there was a man who looked just like him, and that's when he found out who his real dad was.

But even after that they didn't become close. During his childhood he didn't feel like he fit in anywhere. His family moved place to place and he had no friends. He had a mental disorder and his doctor told him to write his thoughts down, to get them out in the open and he said it would help. So one day he sat down and started keeping a dairy and in his diary it said, "I want to become famous, and be an actor. Acting is a way to escape my life" in his diary he began to write poems and song lyrics. That's how he got into music.

Tupac is a successful rapper, poet and actor. His music was very opinionated. He received lots of letters from fans, saying that his music was an escape and inspirational, he got letters from concerned adults about...