Troubled boys and Ragged Dick.

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Explore some of the ways that Susan Fauludi highlights the stark disparity between the daily lives of the Lakewood boys and their dreams of fame and wealth and their dreams of fame and wealth. As expressed in the text, how have these dreams been denied? (Or to use Faludi's title) How have the Lakewood boys been stiffed or had their dreams betrayed? Finally, how do the Lakewood boys' dreams/myths of success differ from the myths of success that were represented in Ragged Dick and "Stephen Cruz"

The essay of Susan Fauludi rises very important problem that a modern man faces these days the degradation of a man who no longer believe in hard work and honesty and seems to be lost in fight for prestige and power. The characters in the Fauludi book are the young men although they themselves and the author keeps call them The Boys. Daily life of these boys focuses on the gathering "points" for every woman they have a sex, wandering from one bar to another, gambling, drinking, and partying.

Although they have "nowhere particular to go", they don't work and do not have to take care of nobody besides themselves it does not mean they are completely without any dreams and hope for the future. Boys dream to be celebrities, to be famous and rich. They think they owned success because they are "brand names". These brand names in other words reputation is developed through gathering points for every girl they sleep with.

These "brand names" are what give them the assurance that they are better that other people are, however there is no particular useful thing they learnt or did in their wholes lives they are convince that deserve the success.

The Boys believe that these brand names...