Title: Lestat Brief Description: A Summary of the book titled, The Vampire Lestat

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The Vampire Lestat

Lestat an innocent man is turned into a vampire. His lover and also his master teaches him the way of the vampire. He is told not to associate with the living, their identity must be kept in secret. Lestat ignores this warning and decides to play a violin with a peasant girl and her father. When the father realizes that Lestat is a vampire, the master cuts off his cry for help. Lestat then is forced to capture the girl and kill her as well. Confused and not really sure what he is doing he kills the girl. Afterwards Lestat realizes what he's just done was not meant for him. He realizes that there was no need to kill the girl. He begins to ponder why the vampire must hide among the shadows instead of coming out. This saddens and angers Lestat and causes him to expose his identity later on.

The book's title, The Vampire Lestat, is appropriate for the story from which the author explains the birth of a vampire, whose name is Lestat. The title is significant for the story as the novel reads the life of a vampire and how he rebels against his bestiality. Anne Rice, the author gives us a clear view of the life of a vampire in this novel. The author takes us in detail to explain what the vampire is thinking and feeling as he begins to wonder the world as a newborn vampire. The author has written books of myth and horror. She delights in writing book of great fiction. She has given the world a window of another view, of another world. Which has made her unique author in the writing of her novels.

As I read the book, its story captured my full attention.