Thomas Moore's "Utopia" and Machiavelli's "The prince".

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Utopia and the Prince

Within the course of this report, I will elaborate on two books: Utopia and the Prince, and analyze which one of them is superior in its ideas. In Thomas Moore's Utopia, he states an ideal society different from his own life. He explores the world called "Utopia" and describes the life in it with specific details socially and economically. One topic that was explained the most is a major governmental model called socialism. It contained many social activities similar to a simple life but has been done in a different method. The community life in Utopia was a fairly hard and strict responsibility. Mainly for girls as they grow older, they get married and move into their husband's house. The life of a boy is very different compared to girls. The sons and grandsons are being watched over by the oldest person in his family.

The oldest person in the family will act like a guardian to them.

Syphogrants or tranibors are subjected to see to it that no household has fewer than ten or more than sixteen adults. They keep their family households in order and in healthy conditions. The families are also allowed to adopt natives who would like to live with them. They did not put any limit on how many children there are in the household. Natives who choose not to live under the laws of Utopia are brought out of Utopia. Ordinarily, the oldest man takes over the household. The wives serve their husbands and the children serve their parents. This shows that they show much respect toward the elderly and are obedient. Every mother also can nurse their own children when they are sick.

Each person in a Utopian family has chores or jobs they...