There's Gold in them Hills!

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There's Gold in Them Hills!


Jim Sutter - nephew of John Sutter

Ed Jacobson - friend of Jim

Aaron Steele - friend of Jim

Erik - friend of Jim

Johnny - friend of Jim

Setting: Originally, a small town in California; later to Juneau in Alaska


It was late summer when the reports came in like wildfire to that small

California mining town. They'd found gold in the Klondike! That worthless

chunk of land wasn't so worthless after all! A bunch of my buddies got together

and decided that they were going, and that I was going. They looked at me as

you would a rabbit's foot, or some other good luck charm, me being the

nephew of John Sutter and all.

'Come on, Jim,' they says, 'we'll be rollin' in gold before you can say U.S.

Geological Survey!' We near busted our asses that fall working, and not just

mining neither: we needed cash for the trip and to buy supplies when we got

there, so we did most any job that paid.

Finally we got enough and

somewhereabouts in November we went aboard the Betty Lou, which took us

to Juneau in Alaska Territory.

That place was the seat of the territorial government of the largest territory in

the Union, but you wouldn't know it if you saw it. Far as I could tell, that place

had more sled dogs than men! So we go into town, and the only reason we

didn't blow all our money right there in the 'local establishments' is the fact that

I was carrying it. So we gits ourselves some sleds and dogs, picks and shovels,

guns and ammo, and other stuff. We bought some food too, enough to tide us

over till we sets up camp. With all...