Television Essay.

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Television Essay:

A work in progress

Eddie Hill

University of Phoenix - Atlanta Campus

Dr. Baji Daniels

October 21, 2003


How does television including the news and advertisement, shape our habits and the values? Does it present an unrealistic view of life? These questions proposed to the classic and workshop one, regarding television. This paper presented is an ongoing process of the brainstorming, outlining, renovation, and editing and ultimately producing a final product.

Television a work in progress

We as a society are part of this here and now generation, everything given to us at supersonic speeds. We (the generation Xers) want our MTV and everything that goes with it in to include the latest trends from food, and fashion to fun that drives our Id and superego to the point of system overload.

Information is everywhere we turn; from television to the computer, we have that all within our grasp, at the touch of a finger.

This holds true even on commutes to work we have information blasted at us from the radio, to the billboards that glare from the roadside telling us that we need to look and feel better to promote a positive self-image. Why do you ask, in the name of being better advertisers why does the person next to us sitting in their luxury BMW or better yet their fancy Yugo drive this type of car?

We want so bad to be better than "The Joneses" from the dress to impress, to the elite social hangouts that predefined and double stroke our influential Ego. What do you really see in the mirror a collection of self-images or the world that drives our fancy? Once caught up in the world land of the media it is hard not to overindulge in the finer things like...