Team Motivation.

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After reading Peter Grazier article on "Team Motivation" I gained much knowledge on the team concept. In this article Mr. Grazier defines motivation as positive drivers that fuel our desires and gives us a sense of growth and sustenance. He also explains and defines a team. He defines a team as a group with common goals that interacts to achieve those goals. He also list factors that motivates a team to reach their goals.

Every team has needs and wants and they need to be satisfied. The three suggestions I would offer that might assist managers in satisfying the needs and wants of team members are: Listen to the needs and wants of the team to get an understanding of exactly what they want or need to continue to be productive and happy. Without this first step we would not know what motivates and drives our team to succeed.

The second suggestion that I would offer that might assist managers in satisfying the needs and wants of a team would be to recognize the factors that influence and motivates a team to succeed and be productive. The third suggestion would be to support the team and allow a atmosphere for growth, creativity, challenge, and purpose to exist.

Peter Grazier identifies six needs that the team members have that must be satisfied in order for the team to effectively accomplish its goals. The other factors that can also impact a team level of effectiveness are: Time management, vision, and recognition.

In addition to purpose and challenge the other four key characteristics of highly motivated teams are: Recognition, security, stability, work environment. Of the six characteristics listed the three that are important to me are: Purpose, challenge, and growth. The reasons that I choose these are: Purpose gives me a...