What it takes to succeed in today's job market.

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"Three Requirements for Career Success"

Due to the drastic decline in the once booming job market, finding that dream job has become a living nightmare. To be competitive in today's tough job market, there are three requirements, which are necessary. They are motivation, personality, and determination.

Although the job market is very dismal and bleak, there are numerous top paying

jobs available; however, because of the high percentage of applicants, employers are seeking out those who are better qualified. This means that employers are more interested in those persons who have a degree in a specific field that relates or caters to their businesses. It is imperative that before seeking a desired position, one should make sure he is prepared to better his chances of landing that dream job. If motivation is the underlying factor, one should be moved to applying himself. He should be sure there is an inherent interest in the field he has chosen.

Besides being educated, a person must possess a well-rounded personality. Since the employee will be a representative of the company they work for, they must do so in a positive manner. This means having the ability to deal with different situations in an appropriate manner. Friendly, outgoing, and being sociable are the characteristics of a good personality. The employee must be courteous, polite, and conduct himself in a professional manner at all times. This is very crucial in the work place.

The last requirement is the ability to communicate. Good communication is essential in the workplace. First, when there is good communication, there is lest room for costly errors. Secondly, good communication produces good working relationships and happy employees. In addition, employees are less likely to miss days from work; therefore, talking, listening, and sharing ideas benefits everyone, especially the workplace.