How to successfully cheat on tests in school.

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13 October 2003

Successful Cheating on Tests

Throughout my years in high school, I was involved in every sport as well as various clubs. A combination of these activities, and a good social life, made it difficult to find time for my school work. This caused me to resort to cheating which was unavoidable and even necessary in order to get the grades I wanted. Seeing that "Eighty percent of the country's best students cheated to get to the top of there class" it has never bothered me to cheat (Academic Cheating 2). After experimenting with many different techniques, I discovered numerous ways to be a successful cheater.

When attempting to cheat there are a few guidelines that should always be followed. To begin with, it is important to remember that teachers aren't dumb so you must always be on your guard.

Some professors are extremely observant; therefore you need to get to know your instructor so you can determine how devious your antics must be. Also, if you normally cheat in one class repetitively, change your cheating methods often so as teacher has less of a chance of catching on. Finally, it is absolutely imperative that you never tell other people, other than your best friends, that you cheat. Not only might someone turn you in but everyone would want to know how you're doing it.

Although cheating can be risky, there are various methods that can be used to ensure you don't get caught. When trying to cheat on a test, the most primitive way is to strategically write down answers on parts of your body. If you are a female, wear a skirt the day of the test and write the answers on the inside of your...