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How did I study abroad

"Great minds have purposes, other have wishes" (Washington Irving). Like other people, I have dreams and wishes. But I don't just live on dreaming, I know there is a big difference between having a dream and making it come true. I faced many difficulties making my dreams come true i am not brilliant enough to have a great mind, but i know i don't want to be an ordinary employee i have whishes and i manage to make them come true i have whishes and i manage to make them come true.

When i was in my 2nd year in hs, one of my friends once asked me "..." that was the 1st time i thought about it, but it was not just a thought, i began to dream and make it come true actually, studying abroad is a dream of many students all over the world, including vn.

in my dream, i would be able to go to another country, learn about the new life style, new people everything would be very easy and intereting i would have a chance to work in modern laboratories, well-equipped classroom, speaking fluently another language

i would have new friend and a better chances to get a good job with higher salary my 1st step is choosing a country to go to and a school to study i love computer science and i decided to go to a country which has higher IT i'd love to study in a small school at a peaceful town i could find some tranquil moments after each busy day at school this is the reason i chose OCU as my starting point in U.S.A i knew from the beginning that going to another country to study woudn't be easy...