"The Stonhenge" This is about the stone hege in England and how long it took to build this structure and different stagesit went through.

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The Stonehenge is one of England's artifacts. There are very many different types of stories pertaining to this great structure. The most common reason is that it was used for religious purposes. It was said to be a place of worship of ancient earth structures. This sight has very many different reasons but its soul purpose in today's time has been its influence on today's generation. It has inspired countless generations to learn and try to figure out the history of our world. This sight has lead many different openings to other land structures that have been built throughout the world.

Stonehenge can be traced back to the times of 2950 - 2900 BC. The first period of Stonehenge was basically a large circle made of stone with an entrance in the northeastern corner. The outer circle of the hinge was composed different parts of the earth. The majority of this part of the Stonehenge has been destroyed due to the erosion of time.

Ditches were placed around the Stonehenge; they are often referred to as pits. This is due to the fact that there have been spikes found at the bottom of the ditches made from deer, and oxen antlers. From the center of the circle to all sides of the Stonehenge is approximately thirty five feet. This is so a person standing directly in the center of the Stonehenge can see the sun rise over the heel stone. Inside the stone there are fifty six Aubrey holes placed in two hundred and eighty eight foot diameter circle. Originally their were four station stones, only two now stand which originally formed a rectangle

The first period of the Stonehenge hasn't had a designated time period of how long it lasted. Archeologists believe that the beaker people were responsible...