"The Stones Cry Out" by Molyda Szymusiak.

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When Envy Turns to Hatred

Envy is one of the worst human emotions and when turned to hatred can do unimaginable things to other human beings. Molyda Szymusiak in her book The Stones Cry Out shows us one of the worst examples the world ever saw of what happens when envy turns to hatred. She not only shows what envy can do to humanity but also shows the possibility of survival through ones will to fight back.

We all like to live comfortably, but not all of us can make it to the level of comfort we wish for all the time. In many third world nations the gap between the rich (or even the middle class) and the poor is considerably large. The "poor" people (the peasants as in Stones Cry Out) who live in the countryside work hard in the fields in the sun and the rain but live in smaller houses with very low living standards while the middle or upper middle class people live in their comfortable houses in the cities doing their white collar jobs (doctors, lawyers, engineers).

So it is natural for the peasants to have some sort of envy in the back of their minds toward the rich city people who has not worked a day in the sun to harvest the fields. If someone offers these peasants a chance to take down the city people by driving them out of their comfortable homes and making them work in the fields they would most probably take it, and that is what Pol Pot did; he stuck at this spark of envy in the peasants minds. Pol Pot himself was the son of a peasant and his Khmer Rouge was formed mainly of illiterate, immature peasants who could easily get overwhelmed by any type...