Solving Problem Creatively Over the Net

Essay by Anonymous UserHigh School, 10th gradeA-, February 1996

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Since I got my internet privileges last 3 month, I had learn and encounter many weird and wonderful things. I have met the ugly side of internet and learnt something called 'if you overspend your time limit, the phone bill gonna be very ugly.'Perhaps the most interesting moment I encounter in the internet is when I discover homepage making. I made a homepage from learning HTML language from a web site. I want my homepage to be bold and simple but most of all animation-free. As a surfer myself, I know how it feels when entering a homepage that is full with high resolution graphic and animation. The animation had to be reload and reload again. Within 2 hours I managed to made myself a homepage. I also know to make an impressive homepage,one must have a high counter number so that people will revisit the homepage again. I can't use any 'sensual' word to attract people cause it's against Geocities's rule.

So I did a very nasty thing. I cheated, I put an extra counter number in my homepage beside my original counter number so each time when it reload it will look like this---->0101. While the only people who visited my homepage was myself, but instead the counter number show 101.

MIRC The Solution

When my PC suffered a data crash, I lost all my data. I lost all my e-mail address and most importantly my browser.The computer technician managed to repair my PC but he gave me an old version of Netscape. I have trouble using it in Win'95. So I downloaded the later version of Netscape. The downloading seize when it reaches 52%. I had to reload if I were to use Netscape. Instead I used MIRC to download the program because MIRC come with...