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Sir Isaac Newton

On a windy day, Isaac Newton's mother asked him to close the barn door or it would have been blown off by the wind. Isaac had not returned in thirty minutes for this short task and Isaac's mother was getting worried. She went outside to check on him and he was jumping from the window experimenting how strong the wind blew. This was an example of how Isaac Newton liked to experiment different things even when he was young. As he grew older, he did greater experiments with many different chemicals, life researches, nature experiments, etc. Even today, Sir Isaac Newton is regarded as the greatest mathematician and scientist.

Isaac Newton was born on 1642 in Lincolnshire, England. His father died abruptly before he was born. Isaac's mother, now widowed, married again three years later to a clergyman. Because the clergyman's Christian faith thought that having a stepson was sinful, Newton had to live with his grandparents.

(Laidler 60) Keith Laidler states in his book that: "This rejection as a child probably contributed to his paranoid behavior throughout his life; he was vain, manipulative, humourless [sic], and excessively religious... His achievements were nevertheless outstanding and he has been regarded as the greatest scientist of all time." (Laidler 60) Though his childhood was vital, a big part of his life was his education.

After Isaac stayed with his grandparents for a fairly long time, his mother wanted him to go to a better school for a good education. His mother chose the best school at the time, which was King's School. When he went, he was doing poorly in school. After a few months, Isaac started to pay attention and do better and better in school until he was the best. Mr. Stokes, the Headmaster, was greatly impressed...