Shut Up and Drive (Cell Phones and Driving)

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You keep a keen, watchful eye, scanning your surroundings. Focusing on the road ahead, you become aware of an imminent danger moving toward you. Your muscles tense and your jaw tightens as the dent-riddled Ford suddenly rolls out. With less than a foot to spare, you slam on the brakes and throw the wheel to the left. Eyes wide and heart racing, you feel yourself uncontrollably drawn off of the road and rumbling onto the soft shoulder. You begin to slow down, regaining control. As you come to a stop, you think to yourself, "That jerk almost ran me off the road!" Up ahead, you notice the vehicle swerve from one side to the other, as you follow cautiously behind. "Is this guy drunk or what?" you say in a disgruntled tone. Scanning again, you observe the yellow light up ahead. Gently depressing the brake pedal, you notice the Ford is not slowing down.

As the light turns to red, you turn your head away and think, "This is gonna be ugly!" With a squelching roar and bellow of smoke the Ford comes to a screaming halt in the middle of the intersection. "What is this guy's problem?" you yell. Inching forward, ever closer, it becomes painfully clear. "Well, what do you know?" "He's on a cell phone…imagine that." This is exactly what happened to me nearly a year ago. To this day, I'm still amazed by the number of people who pay more attention to their care free phone conversations, than they do the road. Proof positive, talking on a cell phone while driving can be dangerous.

Situations like this can occur without warning. One minute you're cruising down the road, and the next, you're nearly taken out by a driver who is totaling oblivious to his surroundings. At...