Short story on breaking into computers

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" You have entered the United States government mainframe. Please enter your password," says the computer.

" Thank you, Mr. Smith."

" The file of Henry O¹Brien is being loaded. Please stand by."

" File loaded, and deleted Mr. Smith."

For Henry O¹Brien, breaking into other computers is his hobby and life. Ever since the computer age (the twenty-first century), Henry O¹Brien has been a computer artist. There isn¹t a computer he can¹t break into, even government mainframes. The only problem for him is that in his society if he is found hacking, he¹ll be banished. This is why Henry and other hackers like him must be very careful. The man they fear most is a federal agent named Mr.Smith who was known for catching hackers like Henry.

Henry¹s society is run by computers and robots. Computers do everything from ordering out food to being a thinking, personal secretary.

Robots do everything else the computer can¹t do from cooking dinner to helping kids with homework. The only flaw to this society is that people like Henry can tap into and control the computers, robots and other electronics.

" Thank you, Mr. Smith," replies the computer. " The file of Henry O¹Brien has been deleted. Please enter another file."

" Computer, how and when was this file deleted?" asks Mr. Smith.

" The file was deleted at 11:58 pm today by an outside computer. Would you like me to trace the command?" asks the computer.

" Hey maybe this new program will actually work," says Mr. Smith

" The command came from 8546 Macintosh Road."

" At last, I think we caught ourselves a hacker!"

Shortly after, Henry was breaking into a television¹s circuits for fun and was switching the channels which probably caused confusion among the viewers. Suddenly, the...