Scientific vs. Religious Views On Cloning.

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Scientific vs. Religious Views on Cloning

For many years man has driven himself to make new discoveries to better the life for mankind. We call these people scientists; they try to make new discoveries and take a scientific look at something and better it. Unfortunately, everyone does not always appreciate their discoveries or views and improvements on something. Sometimes the scientist himself or herself learns what he or she has done is not morally correct, but what is a scientist to do. Does he take a moral approach and, maybe never advance in progress or does he or she take an ethical approach and go too far. Is there an in between. How far are people willing to change nature if at all, and why try and change something when you might corrupt it in the process? This is where science and religion collide.

Cloning has entered the world swiftly, and will likely have a key hand in the future.

The biological term "cloning" is the production of a genetically identical duplicate of and organism. A clone is an organism resulting asexually from a single creature by cutting, fission, bulbs, tubers, nuclear transfer, or parthenogenesis reproduction. Many people say cloning is the future; that will enable us to know what we are getting before we get it, as I'll refer to it as the "pre-packaged" deal of a lifetime. Life as we know it will never be the same after the official cloning of the first human being. Imagine if you will all the things that can be accomplished, with a little nucleus replacement and skin. A mother whose child is so drastically taken away from her, with just the strands from the dead child can be cloned. A man in badly need of a heart transplant can be given...