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Every country has its own education techniques that they use to educate their students. I have experienced education system of two different countries, American and Indian education system. Out of these two I think American schools offer the best education system. Even though I think American schools have better education system the Indian schools do have some advantages, which relates to the disciplines in students life.

First of all the schools in India put a lot more time effort in studies. The schools are 6 days a week 7 hours a day. Most schools in United State -are 5 to 6 hours a day and 5 days a week. Schools in India also spend more days in school then the schools in the United State. In India the schools are open 220 days a year and schools in United State are open 180 days a year. Also the schools in India have one month summer break and during that summer break they are assigned homework.

But in America the schools have 3 month summer break with no homework. This helps students stay on track and remember everything that they studied during the school years.

Another thing is the discipline level in India is much stricter then school in he United State. In India the teachers have the freedom to hit students for not doing homework or doing something wrong.. I think teachers in India have much more freedom then the teachers in America, which gives a lot of advantages to the teachers in India. Teachers can use different tactics to help out the student, either they can try it nicer way or they can discipline the student if he needs to be disciplined. Discipline also includes the outfit of the student, talking to each other in the class,