"Rollerblading on Juan's Birthday" A creative writing story.

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This was to be a 600-900 word story that takes place in a short amount of time. The dialogue might seem awkward, but the grandparents have an accent.

It was a warm, breezy day, and my brother, Juan's 9th birthday. I was sitting on a couch across from him, with my parents standing beside him. He was tearing at the colorful wrapping of his birthday present.

"Juan, Juan, do you have any idea of what is in there?" asked my grandmother with her usual, eager smile that was as big as an elephant.

Juan gave her a look. "No. What is in it?"

She smiled again. "Just open it up."

Meanwhile, my grandfather was just standing, smiling quietly. He rarely knew what his wife had gotten his grandchildren for their birthday, he was never told, even though he contributed to each and every gift my brother and I had received.

While my grandfather was standing there quietly, I found that I had moved to sit on the floor next to where my brother was seated. I was smiling mischievously, because I knew what was in the package and I couldn't wait to go outside and ride my own pair given to me on my birthday just a year earlier.

Finally, he got to the illustrated card-board box. Labeled on it was a company name, and a picture of a pair of roller-blades.

I beat my grandmother to shouting out, "Do you like?" I didn't even wait for him to try them on, never mind even taking them out of the box. But the time came, and he tried them on, I had mine on, and we were on our merry way outside.

The hill leading up to our house is steep, but on roller blades, it's seems like the...