A review of "A rose for Emily" by Faulkner

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'A Rose for Emily' came out in 1930. To some readers this horror story is the most 'gothic' that Faulkner ever wrote as a writer. But if horror is all he/she gets from the story then that person is missing the meaning of the story. 'A Rose for Emily' is told by a nameless narrator(first person) describing the life of a pathetic women, Emily representing a figure from the past. Her life is shaped by her fathers repression, in effect taking away her opportunity to love and driving her mad in the process as she tries to cling to the present.

Miss Emily is unlucky by being the daughter of a dominating father. This father being proud of the Crierson name, undoubtly thinks that any young man no matter who he is, is unworthy of his daughter. These selfish beliefs and views are successful in getting rid of any young men that did try.

This in turn confines Emily into the beliefs of the past and relying only on her father(mother long dead) for a family. Actually Miss Emily does possess some 'aristocratic' traits. She has great independence and dosen't go with the bureaucratic rules and regulations. This in turn gets some admiration from the people of Jefferson(the town) as it is 'digging' into the future. But then Mr. Crierson died and all she was left was the house. This event made her 'human' in the eyes of the town people now. The town turned to pity after almost having to use force to bury her father, which she clinged onto with nothing else left. The metaphor the town used was 'she would have to cling to that which had robbed her, as people will'.

Enter the 'present' in Homer Barron,a foreman from the North(a yankee). This is...