Research Methodology.

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Research Methodology

Title: The outline research proposal ---- The development of the China's stock market


For modern business, stock market is the economic lifeline of the world development. It is an organized market place in which common stocks are traded. A mostly, many countries have their own stock markets, the trends of increase and decrease are clearly slowing the economic situation of the country. Thousands of business firms in stock markets and more and more business try their best to collect maximum abilities to make their stocks go on the market thus business could achieve many objectives.

Focus on Asia, the stock market development in China was very fast in the last decade. In the new millennium from 2000 A.D., so many business firms are going on the stock market of China, there are several reasons could be consider. Firstly, after the Financial Crisis of Southeast Asia at 1997, during these years, the government of China encourages business to invest in stock market energetically; this is an important way to promote the macroeconomic goes up.

Secondly, business firms who are in the stock market could easily collect the share capital to develop a higher-level business projects within a short period. Thirdly, through the stock market, business firms could build a better image and a higher position on the market than they before when did not sell their share publicly. Finally, because of the stock market, the relationship between the stock buyer and the stockholder become much more transparent, this point is very important because it relate to the risky of stock market.

Aims and Objectives:

The trend of stock market has closely link relation with business firms and stock buyers. Because of this reason, to forecast the trend of stock market is an important meaning for us. This is...