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It is impossible to define reality in a general way. To every person reality is different. We all have different views of reality; my reality is different to another person's reality. In many cases however there are many things we all can relate to. I think that reality is life, who we are, what we think and what we do. A rich mans reality will not be the same of a poor mans reality, so reality is always different. I believe reality is what we make of it. Philosophically thinkingreality does not exist, we are a reflection of light that exist in the past. You can never be up to date with time and what we perceive no longer is there. So then what is reality? I believe people have been asking that same question from the beginning of time, what is real and what is not. Is reality matter or the elements that surround us or is reality what we don't see such as a person thinking, or is it what we perceive.

I think that reality involves many things such as: beliefs, morals, and the way we grow up in life. Reality for me can be the vegetation, the animals our surroundings and the air we breath every day. Reality can be the cycle of life and death. My reality is that god created the heavens, the earth and everything that surrounds us, and that some day when I die I will be with him someday.