The Quest

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Feeling quite tired and hungry, my friend and I entered the food court of the

Everett Mall. Looking around, I decided that I was going to get some Chinese food. I

turned to my friend and told him, he said that he would too. We then made our way over

to the Chinese food counter. Upon arriving, I realized a possible problem; we only had

Canadian money. I walked up to the woman at the counter, and asked her if they

accepted Canadian money there.

'No, sorry, we only accept American money,' she responded.

I asked if there was anyplace in the mall that I could exchange my money, more

specifically, a bank. She thought for a moment or two, then said,

'Uhhh, there's an ATM by the door over there.'

Feeling a little frustrated, I explained to her that an ATM would not suffice. I

needed a bank, with a teller, so I could exchange my money.

She looked down and

thought about this for a few moments, then ever so slowly, she brought her head up with a

dumb look on her face and said,

'The telephones are around the corner over there.'

Dumbfounded by the stupidity of this woman, my friend and turned around and

walked away, laughing. When we were out of earshot, in a mocking tone, I said to my


'Hi, I'm an American, I'm a dumb-ass!'

With that defeat behind us, we continued on our quest for some American money.

Eventually, by wandering aimlessly about the mall, we managed to find an information

desk. I walked up to the woman behind the desk, and said,

'Hi, would I possibly be able to exchange my Canadian money for some American


With a really confused look on her face she...