Q1 -how have the social structure and the social Identity changed in England from 1950 to the present time

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Since 1950 and throw out the years, England had gone throw many changes some of the changes influenced the national identity in the past years there was one way of life. But now there is diversity about identity.

Once Britain was the center of the world, but now its influenced by outside movements as Steourt Hull said (British national identity is much more related to the global economy and also in relation to Europe ).

After the Second World War the British classes vanished, and new sort of social identity occurred. Changes is noticed in body projects, people were trying to use jyms establishmnet to have grate bodies in order to have new identity new social movements appeared that challenged the traditional politics. Identities became uncerting and changing through the change of culture this made cultural critic cobena mersar asking the following questions, do we actually have crisis? who we? What about the period of change we face at present? Can we defiirenciet between man and woman? Are we free to change gender identity? Boys performance for along time were better than girls at school, but boys performing got worse, way?

In this essay we will talk about class consumption, about the erosion of class identity finally we will discus identity and nation.

Why is that there is uncertainly about British? and multi -cultural England.

Main subject

First we talk about body biulding, people in specific women began to go to gyms, and put tattoos on there bodies, as away to resist begin constrained by famininity identity.

in 1960 new movement began to appear challenging traditional politics and making identity,(a key factor in politics mobilization).1960 also showed more collective efforts or attempts, to chape, and give voice to new identity.

These movements fought hardly for what they believe...