President Bush and Re-election.

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As reelection is approaching, there are several components that could make or break President Bush. Everyone is watching every move Bush makes, especially after 9-11 happened. The Bush Administration claims to be looking out for our Nation's security. But there are many who question that. Bush's foreign policy, domestic agenda, and economic planning are all going to play a role in this reelection. However, I feel that the economic planning will have the biggest part in all of this.

Bush's foreign policy is basically how we are handling disputes with other countries. He wants to make sure that we have the UN approval before we jump into war with Iraq or any other country. Bush also wants to stay on their good side too. In hoping to prevent future terrorist attacks.

The domestic agenda is dealing with Iraq and other countries right now. Bush wants to get UN approval before we push towards war.

So right now were waiting to see what is going to unfold. I really feel that Bush is doing a good job dealing with all of this. War is the last thing we want to resort to but if it comes to that then we will fight.

Bush's economic planning has a lot to do with our nations security. After 9-11 many people began to question our countries capabilities. The Bush Administration is trying to think up some new ways to protect us from future attacks. For instance, the ballistic finger-printing, ID cards, more scanners at the airports, and so forth.

In closing, I really feel that Bush's economic planning will be what reelects him. The fact that they are coming up with new ideas to protect the US and also other countries shows that he is a true leader. The idea for the ID...