Prayer In Public Schools.

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You Have the Right to Pray Outside

One of the most controversial topics debated nowadays is whether or not prayer

should be allowed in school. The concept of having prayer at school is a process which I

vehemently oppose. I will first define what type of prayer we are concerned about so that

we can establish what it is that people debate about. The type of prayer I will discuss is

one within a public institution. I will specifically target public schools in order to present

my concept. Once my case is acknowledged at a public school level, an individual can

apply it to any public institution should they choose to do so. It is anything that takes

away time in order to incorporate religion in any way during school time. Should the

school advocate, initiate, or sanction this type of activity, it is twice as wrong. If it is

done privately and alone by a student without disrupting others, then it is not the type of

prayer I oppose.

I oppose prayer in schools due to the fact that the United States

government strongly believes in a separation between church and state. The government

is not a Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, or Amish government. It is a completely

unbiased organization and its institutions should reflect this type of system.

This can already be challenged by observing that the majority of our school

holidays reflect Christian holidays. In public schools throughout the Unites States,

Christian holidays are observed by students receiving time off of school. There is a

spring break which occurs during Easter, various holidays during summer break, and the

infamous winter break which makes sure that everyone is at home during Christmas. I

have yet to get a day off for my day of Eid. There has...