A prayer for Owen Meany.

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Cause and Effect

Society is always changing, we keep moving towards a world where hard task are easier to accomplish. For instance, communication is not a problem any more; cellular phones, internet, and all the technology involved are making our lives effortless. However, they are consuming a big amount of our time. Our society is, in somehow, attracted to the unknown. As a result, we are always seeking for new entertainment. Reading a novel or riding a horse is not fun anymore. We prefer to search the web or drive a fast car. The most important thing we are leaving behind is faith. The believe of a "god", the creator our father. The author's main message in A Prayer for Owen Meany was that of religious faith. John Irving was trying to tell people to think, or even rethink, about their stance on faith. By forcing Johnny through various trials and tribulations he strengthened his faith through out the book.

Owen Meany, throughout the book, proves that he is something beyond the ordinary, despite the fact he was extremely small.

"The Shot", or so it was called by Owen Meany, was not very prevalent in and of itself, but it symbolism all its own. To pull off "The Shot," it required both Johnny and Owen to work together nearly flawless. Johnny, the stronger of the two, hoisted Owen up to dunk the ball, whereas Owen was lifted because he was the smaller of the two. John and Owen successfully perform The Shot in less than four seconds. Owen triumphantly announces that "IT JUST TAKES A LITTLE MORE FAITH." The symbolism, in this case, is the relationship both of them had to accomplish "The Shot." The relationship bears many similarities to that of God and his people. God, being omnipotent, is...