Power Struggle.

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Essay on: Homer's Illiad

This is a compare/contrast essay about Achilles and Hector who are both characters in Homer's Illiad. It explains the immense power struggle between the two men and also explains the manner in which they resolved this struggle; through a lethal battle.

Achilles demonstrates an emotion characterized as hubris, which are his selfish petty concerns over people and the gods. On the other hand Hector demonstrates arete which is his show of concern and loyalty to people and the gods. Varied as they may be, it will be discovered that Achilles and Hector hold similar traits aside from their obvious differences shown through their conflicting roles. Only a very select few of the violent acts and furious fights aren't the cause of Achilles' insatiable lust for revenge. Both Achilles and Hector have varied feelings on where they stand with each other in rank; they are not equal.

Achilles remains part god reigning the food chain on high as a lion or a wolf whereas Hector is condemned as the lowly mortal in the form of a man or a lamb at the bottom. Being half god Achilles is naturally favored by the gods despite his lack of respect while the ever loyal Hector, often offering hecatombs and other forms of glorification, shows more than his status quo of encomium.

The descriptions of Achilles and Hector are quite contrary. In Homer's Iliad, Hector is first introduced in book VI. As the leader of the Trojans, godlike Hector is their hope and savior in the war against the Achians, or so they think. Noble as he is, Hector is a man of loyalty to all people and the gods. He stands for humanity and the sacred nature of man. By the end of book XXII, the efforts of...