Position paper on why babe ruth is the best baseball player of all time.

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What makes a baseball player great? His statistical record's? His impact on the game to date? His impact on his team when he was playing? The answer to all these questions is most definitely yes. I have researched six baseball players, all thought of as some of the greatest to ever play the game. The six players I researched were Ted Williams, Barry Bonds, Willie Mays, Mickey Mantle, Hank Aaron and of course, Babe Ruth. I have looked at if and how they positively effected their team while playing, their impact on the game of baseball to date, and most importantly I have analyzed their statistics. I have split this list of players into two main categories, great hitters (Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, Hank Aaron) and great all around players. (Willie Mays, Barry Bonds, Mickey Mantle) Using this process of research and analysis I have determined who should be considered the greatest baseball player of all time.

I'm going to begin with the great hitters, also known as great offensive players, because after all you can't win the game unless you score more runs than the other the team. Major offensive statistics that should be considered include, home runs, batting average, on base

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percentage, slugging percentage, bases on balls and runs batted in. Also another major offensive statistic to be considered is strike outs, the less the better.

George Herman Ruth, better known as Babe Ruth played major league baseball form 1914-1935. He began his career with the Boston Red and played mostly pitcher. From their in 1920 Babe Ruth began his career with the New York Yankees, where he became the incredible hitter that he is known for. Form there he had a short stint with the Boston Braves in 1935 but retired at the...