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To many people today Christopher Columbus is a hero. But fact is that Columbus has a two sided faces the immorality and good. There had been some evidences founded that is against the evil thing that Columbus did in the past. Now day there are more people that believe Columbus is a hero instead of evil. Some of the historian point out some very important thing that Columbus did to support the evil side. I think that later on the number of people that believe Columbus is evil will increase because all the brutality thing that Columbus did on his voyage to find new lands.

For many generations Columbus whole family was sailing, they have some blood in them that make them love sailing or good at them. Every since he was little he had dream about owning him self a boat. As his childhood was pasted his dream was closer.

By the time he is ready to be a sailor. With all the trading needed for the European and the India's but it took too long. They would have to travel from Europe to Africa then to India. Then Columbus had a though that if he goes west at would be a lot quicker route. For many years his idea was not accepted by anyone. Finally he convinced the King and Queen of Spain to give hem the money to go on the trip. A lot of the modern people told him not to go west because they believe that the world is flat and he would fall to the edge. The strong belief that he has nothing could stop him. He was sailing with three ships. The journey took a long time and the crews were discussing that they want to go back but Columbus encourage them to...