'A portrait of an Artist as a Young Man' written by Joyce

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In Joyce's novel, 'A portrait of an Artist as a Young Man', he weaves the stories of his youth

and his growth as a young man to tell us about who he was as an individual and the sort of life he lead. Joyce uses

many techniques such as stream of consciousness to help us picture his mindset and help his audience feel the emotions

he had after the certain situations of his life. In the novel, Joyce uses the young character Stephen as his protagonist

to display the deep emotional turmoil and growth of the youth into the artist that he would become. As Stephen becomes

disheartened by the way his life is heading while facing all of the dead-end realities of life, he is embarrassed by the

financial situation of his family. The cause of the misfortune and humiliation Stephen feels is traced back to the failure

and betrayal of his father, Simon Dedalus, which is the symbolic failure of Ireland and its leaders to unite as a people and

causes Stephen to leave it behind.

From the beginning of the novel, 'family' plays a central part in his growth, symbolizing many different things throughout

his life. The first section of the novel sets the stage for the rest of his life. Stephen feels he should be the center of his

family's universe, or the 'baby tuckoo'. His family symbolizes the oppression that Stephen encounters throughout his life.

'Apologise, pull out his eyes, pull out his eyes, apologise (Joyce 4).' Later the reader finds that this symbolizes how his family

will not accept his spontaneous outbursts, especially involving the arts. Its also important to note that even at this early part

of his life, Stephen prefers his mother over his father, which shows later on in the...