Pop Culture's affect on Women of the 1950's.

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The essay is a review of Douglas's book about females in the 1950's and 1960's. It explains how they were influenced by stereotypes, feminism, and pop culture. It also explains how t.v. advertisements affected the women of the 1950's thought and percieved themselves. It was written as a book review and therefore follows closely through the chapters in her book. It also explains about how when the 1970's came women started to have more of a voice in the United States. More women were getting jobs and the role of two breadwinners was more common. It also explains how men became more depressed because of this trend and opted not to marry women with a future in the workforce. Here is a short clip from the review: As 1968 approached, women were no longer a silent voice, they were going to be heard. Feminism was on the rise and thousands of women were behind it.

Support groups formed for the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA). Magazine articles such as "The New Feminism" arose from troubled journalists. The land marked Marie Tyler Moore show appeared.