Poor: dealing with the cycles and culture of poverty.

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There is an old saying, "poverty will always be with us". Today many people get trapped in cycles of poverty. People trapped in these cycles often try to escape this pattern. Some of the reasons people cannot escape this cycle are because of poor work ethic, lack of standard education, and sometimes cultural standards.

Poverty is a situation in which groups of people are compared to other groups of people. This is called relative poverty. For example this type of poverty could include the people that their wages are in the lowest ten percent. In this type of scenario poverty will always be a part of our normal society, because even if the standard of living is higher, the lowest ten percent will always be considered below poverty level. Another idea about poverty includes absolute poverty. In this case people who cannot afford the minimum of nourishment, shelter, and clothing.

For example, these people live in homeless shelters, receive clothing from charitable organizations, and donated food from churches or food banks.

Poverty stricken people generally live in urban core areas. Inner city poverty is characterized by being called "the truly disadvantaged". These people are trapped in a cycle of unemployment, crime, and dependant on welfare. These poor economic conditions could very well be the main cause of these people being truly disadvantaged, according to William Julius Wilson. The people who live here have a lack of work ethic and due to the decrease in unskilled employment, these individuals are not ambitious enough to gain employment or the skills necessary to move up in, or away from poverty level in society. Because unskilled employment is not being replaced in these areas, the poverty levels will increase until the economy of the areas are revitalized.

Poverty stricken people often do...