Photographer-Soo-min Lee.

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Click... Click... Snap!Snap!

'PLEASE!!..... Please stop! I didn't want to do it. I was doing it for you! I did it because I loved you. I loved you.'

Behind the standing man were the ripped up pieces of pictures. Photo had some disgusting murdering scene. In the photo were arms and legs slashed in to small meat pieces and a beautiful woman's sad face and eyes staring straight front. It seemed like that the woman would pop out of the photo. And.... The man's eyes caught the attention of the picture that he almost became crazy.

I used to be a decent photographer, known to be one of the best. But, the picture I took today was a totally accident. No, correctly, I did not know what I was doing and I just did not want to know what happened.

I move here and there aimlessly looking for places to take some great photo shots.

Even today, I wondered around places to find a perfect place. As wondering around, I found myself in the remote countryside and met a gorgeous woman.

"Hello, may I ask directions?"

She looks up to see my face but talks not.

"Am I bothering you?"


She could not speak...... poor woman. I felt pity for her. Regardless of her disabilities, I could not get rid of her in my mind. I am thinking about things that I should not think about.

'Huh! What in the world am I thinking? She is disabled. She does not know what I am going through in my mind!'

In my moral, I knew I should not meet her but I am keep walking toward her. I cannot control my mind. And, she...... I do not know if she knows how I am, for her...