Personal Marketing Plan.

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Personal Marketing Plan

I think I can sell some merchandise about sports, like sports shoes, clothing, ball, and sports equipment. Personally I like doing sports activities and I feel like sports is part of my normal life. I have been doing many kinds of sports. Like, I have played basketball and badminton when I was high school student. And I play snowboarding and golf nowadays. I have lots of experience about sports so I know what kinds of equipment or supporting are useful and for an athletic.

My personality is kind of positive and optimistic. I would like to try the newest and coolest stuff. I don't like old style. I always create new style by myself. I feel like I want my life to keep moving on. Other people always describe me like enthusiasm and full energy. I like to make friends, no matter in any situation. And I always bring happy atmosphere to my friends.

As the result, they all like me and like to have friend with me.

Besides, I have played a lot of sports in my leisure time, and I am very interested in sports. So I always spend my time watching sports games or reading sports news. I even "study" my favorite athletes. For example, I can tell you Michael Jordan's birthday and how many NBA championship he got in his life. I even imitate his movement when I was playing basketball. Of course, his shoes are one of my favorite collections. I got several Air Jordan basketball shoes in my closet. I can say I am an expert of Air Jordan shoes.

My past working experience also can help me to sell sports merchandise. I have worked in sports store, like Sport Check, in Taiwan for 3 months. My job...