How people would react to tattoos being done to themselves or others around them because of their culture.

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There is a big difference between people who have been exposed to tattoos and people who haven't. Tattoos have been a part of people's lives for decades and even centuries. To most people living in the United States, tattoos are a normal style. But imagine some tribe in a country you have never even heard of, say the, "Tekywan" tribe learning about something they have never been introduced to. What would they think of a tattoo? Maybe it could be a special marking from God, or little creatures crawling underneath the skin to form an odd unrealistic shape. The fact is, cultures have major effects on people's thinking and viewpoints.

Tattoos could traumatize the values, beliefs, and culture of the Tekywans. It could make them wonder why God has given this person or persons a special mark and not them. If God didn't give the mark then how on earth did it get there? If someone in the Tekywan tribe received a tattoo, how would they react? Perhaps some of these questions will never be known, unless you have seen live footage of a tribe member receiving a tattoo.

In their eyes, tattoos are weird objects they have never seen, heard, or spoke of ever.

Some tribes are familiar with tattoos. They receive them for religious purposes, or with some special meaning behind them. The very fact that these tribes have tattoos, and are okay with them, makes me think that other tribes, such as the Tekywans, could become immune very easily in a fashionable amount of time. On the other hand, tribes who weren't immune to begin with, never will be immune to making permanent marks on their body, which is considered a sacred temple.

In the United States of America and other similar countries, tattoos are much...