Peer Pressure.

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Everyday more and more people transform themselves into someone they feel will be accepted. Look around at schools and malls, practically everywhere you turn you will find people dressing or acting like each other. That is one of the many effects of pressure. Not only can your friends encourage you to change your image, either for good or bad, but they also can influence you into trying drugs and alcohol. However, there are instances when peer pressure caused you to quit a bad habit or avoid a certain threat. Either way, everyone has experienced peer pressure in some shape or form.

Two years ago I met someone who never attempted to try drugs or alcohol. He had a family that had an alcoholic past. He wanted to be the first person in his family to not get addicted to any kind of substance. I admired him so much for taking a stand and not being a follower like many teenagers are.

Also having a few bad experiences with alcohol in my family, I decided I was going to steer clear of drugs and alcohol as well. It really helped knowing that I wasn't the only person trying to keep my life clean. If it wasn't for the influence he had on my life, I don't know how I would be today.

Having a friend who can push you towards the right path in life is very important. These days everything seems to be falling a part. There are pressures all around you to try different drugs. I don't understand how taking something to paralyze your mind is helping you. So it relieves the stress of your problems for a short period of time. Once you come back to reality, you haven't solved anything, your problems are still there.